Iā€™m Niya Sun.

Currently designing at the User Experience Design Center of NetEase. Previously at Cress Health, Transwhite Studio and Better World by Design. A recent graduate from Rhode Island Shool of Design.

šŸ’” I explore system-level interaction patterns.

Internship_UX design
Personal wiki with real-time recording and verbatim transcription features.

šŸ’” I care about accessibility and inclusivity.

HCI Research_Product design
Smart screen device with Voice User Interface (VUI) to help older adults control home appliances and age in place.

šŸ’”I think systematically to scale commercial impact.

Internship_UX design
Digital workspace to facilitate communication across teams and organizations.

šŸ’”Iā€™m driven by larger social innovations.

Case Study_Product design
A trip planning app that auto-arranges locations into the most optimized daily routes.

Case Study_Product Design
A carpooling app that creates optimal matches between drivers and riders in an efficient way.
Internship_VI design
Rebranding of Joy Food, one of the largest food-chain companies in China.